The Letterbox Beats

by Mustin

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This is "The Letterbox Beats." It is a collection of beats I have lovingly re-created from my favorite movie soundtracks, and featuring lyrics and rhymes from some amazing MCs. I hope you enjoy this FREE collection. As always, your donation is most welcome, and will be used to create more music for you. Now let's go!


released June 1, 2013

Credits are listed for each track individually.
Thanks to brentalfloss ( for the album name.
This compilation ©2013-2017 Mustin Enterprises, LLC.



all rights reserved


Mustin Enterprises Fayetteville, Arkansas

Mustin Enterprises is my record label and production company. It is home to such artists as:
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I have worked with the likes of brentalfloss and Mega Ran, remixed for MC Frontalot and Freezepop, and have been featured on, and more
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Track Name: No Fate feat. Foxarocious
Rushin' forward with no faith
Gettin fatigued from the struggle. Mixin' up dates
Wise words echo through my brain
There is no fate
No fate. (x2)

Livin' day to day
Ration to ration
Need to expand upon our base
Not lookin' for action
These days you gotta attack em from behind
Man this war'll sholl do somethin' to ya mind!

It feels insurmountable
We're held accountable
For the propagation of our species international
Finding our location is a reason to get fanatical
They've busted us before and the fallout is barely palpable


Synthetic skin over titanium skeleton
Skynet considers itself a good samaritan!
I was born a hellion
Kept losing friends cuz when them robots got to shootin'
I always had to bury them
Man, it's not glamorous, but I live it
Life doesn't have meaning til you give it
I'm here to show em that I'm not the one
And I will not rest
Until the job is done. (That's why I'm...)


I've had enough...
...I said I've had enough!
And I'm ending this game
I worked overtime
The result was the same
Hundreds of people are dying
I see all of them crying
And the children are confused
Then they're looking at me like they got nothing to lose
They're ready to fight, I can see it in their eyes
The same desolate environment despised

I remember when my mother tried to warn me
I thought she was crazy
So she wasn't hearing from me
The fate of humanity is entwined into mine
I give the order
Send the man back in time

Because they're out there!
No bargaining
No reasoning
No pity, remorse or fear
When my team is ready, we take the plunge
I absolutely will not stop, ever, til my freedom is won. (Because...)

Goin forward with the plan
These robots, they're gonna learn the power of man
They want a massacre, then I will satiate
There is no fate
No fate. (x2)

(But what we make.)
Track Name: Boldly Go feat. Former Fat Boys
stand up tall
stand up straight
welcome to the real world
today you graduate
to universe that's now one nation
the continuing mission of a planetary federation
it's bigger than you
it's bigger than me
the final frontier is here
are you ready to beam
up to your future
last chance this is it
to go to infinity and beyond
make the infinitive split and know

there's only one way to go
and that's boldly so,
we'll boldly go
boldly go
away from home, past the neutral zone
seek out new life
it's time to roam

raise the shields
lock and load
Phazzzzzzers full
ensign, forward slow
to the stars
we boldly go
where no man or woman has ever flown

to ten forward
ten more sir
shots cuz i've been facing the borg sir
they wanna assimilate me
and make me
just another boring clone in a collective where I can't breathe
but it's gonna be alright
i'm gonna be me stand up tall
prepare for a fight
cuz it's your life and you can't just hide
separate your saucer section and prepare for a ride
and if you crash and burn
it's ok just learn
build a new ship
and you will return
doesn't matter if you're cadassian
or kardashian
klingon warrior
or you're a feregi just cashing in

today is a good day to live
expand your hor-i-i-zons
find who you wanna be
cuz you might ride through time to 23rd century
you might find yourself on a ship
flying through the stars at a furious clip
in strange new worlds, new civilizations
it won't do to panic, no time for hesitations
doesn't matter if you're kirk or spock
or just wearing a red shirt on a random spacedock
if you wanna live long
and prosper a lot
the needs of the many outweigh when the situation gets hot so